February 5, 2017

Truckee, CA – Local resident, Donny Waldman, got fed up with traffic and long lines. So he decided to build a wall on Interstate 80. When asked why,

     “Well I’m just fed up with the long lines at Safeway. I moved here from LA to get away from the crowds and enjoy the mountains. I don’t want Bay Area people hogging up my lift lines.”

     Donny says it’s a way “to keep out assholes who come to Tahoe, spend their money for a couple days, then go back home.” Local business owners are worried that sales of GoPro accessories, selfie sticks, and tire chains will be impacted. Donny, who took time off work to build the wall, says he’s going to keep building – and the tourists are going to pay for it. Donny works at a local hotel catering to ski tourists in the North Lake Tahoe area. 



This is satire.