Lake Tahoe is about to get slammed!

A major snow storm is heading to the region. Any remaining rain is expected to turn to snow. The last snow storm dropped over 80″ of new snow in some areas, so there will be a nice base for this new round of snow. Most of the upper and mid elevation snow was able to survive the rain, so don’t worry about the snow being gone. We’re on track to have an above average snow pack for the season, as long as we keep getting storms. 


Image: National Weather Service Reno

     The heaviest periods of snow will be about noon on Tuesday, and last for about 24 hours. Expect snow showers before and after this time. Travel will be impacted, so plan accordingly. Wind holds may be possible, the National Weather Service is predicting Sierra ridge gusts to be over 100 mph, with 45 mph gusts elsewhere. Avalanche danger will likely be high during the storm. It’s best to wait at least 24 hours after a storm to go out there. 

Bottom Line: Expect to wake up Wednesday to an awesome powder day.