10 Signs that You Might be a Ski Bum

  1. You live in a 3 bedroom with 5 people

  2. You have a college degree, but you might never put it to use

  3. You get 100+ days on the mountain every season

  4. It’s socially acceptable for you and your friends to drink beer at 10am. 

  5. When you go to the bar (6 nights a week), there are usually 10 guys for every 1 girl

  6. It’s normal for half of your friends to not have a car

  7. It’s not normal for you and your friends to have off on weekends

  8. You haven’t paid full retail price for gear in years

  9. Your parents are slightly disappointed 

  10. You’ll wake up at 6am for a powder day, but you’re usually late to everything else